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Hi, soon you will know I’m new this but I need some help so……

I have an older “Tapper “ game where I’m having and issue where the game boots up but will not register credits in the game mode. I found this blog from 2008 with no replies
: i have
have fixed alot of games but this one has really thrown me for a loop. Perhaps I
can find some help here. The frustrating thing is I had a working game until I
decided to throw in a new vision pro monitor. I replaced the monitor and wired it
before the power brick since it does not require an isolation transformer. I
powered up the game to a nearly perfect picture. I went to coin up the game and
had no luck. I flip the test switch and all inputs (both coin mechs, all control panel
functions) show working when I activated each control. The only two things that
will not work when in game mode are both coin mechs and the service switch.
Weird that each test working in test mode but not in game mode.
When I got the machine it was already partially wired to both the original linear
power supply as well as a switcher. Since this problem I have since moved
everything to the switcher except for the reset circuit which is still connected to
the linear power supply. The reset circuit appears to be functioning correctly. I do
not have any of the speaker hum that most compain of when running a switcher
in a mcr game. The sound works 100% though I do get the "sound board timed
out" message at boot up. I also replaced all the ribbon cables with ones sold by
Bob Roberts. I have tried all sorts of different grounds and made efforts to isolate
the anolog ground as well as reseating all removable roms.
I will update this thread as this repair moves forward. Any suggestions ? Thanks and sorry in advance if I’ve screwed this up


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