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Parts list needed for progressive on s2000


Hello everyone I am searching for complete parts list to add progressive to my game. I have no idea what all I need. I added pictures of what I have. If someone could email me pictures of how it hooks up and pictures of wiring. Pm me and I will give my email. Thank you

For an s2000 you are much better off scrapping what you have and just get a spectrum display.  The install is much easier and the game handles all the progressive configuration.  All you need is a spectrum display and the harness for it.  And a mounting bracket for your round top.

hi rick would you know where i could find it or have a model number. thank you for responding

I don't have the part number but if you post a WTB in the classifieds for "S2000 spectrum display with harness and bracket for roundtop machine," the dealers that frequent the site probably have them around.  They are not difficult to locate. The bracket might be another story, but you could fashion something to hold it in place if you can't find one.

Rick do you have the part list for the harness I want to build a couple more thanks


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