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advantage 5 reel tilt

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machine was working great after batteries replaced and ram clear. Now it plays 5-8 games and message

Get it figured out? Not a lot of traffic on the Konami forum....

No, I have So many machines that I’m working/learning on that I put it to the side. I thought I had it figured out. The machine played for about a week a now it’s a Constant “REEL TILT” followed by “CALL ATTENDANT”. So anything would beginnings would be Great, As where to start troubleshooting?

The laneman:
Usually when I get a reel tilt on those its because of a bad LED light board behind the reel.There are three boards per reel.

Ok, Thank You very much. I usually would get “reel 3 center” or something like that. If it’s in the same realm, maybe I should just replace all of them, instead of the one at a time every month or so?


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