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Removing Yellowed tape

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Good morning, Does anyone have a good way of removing old yellowed scotch tape from the back of a belly glass without damaging it?


Does it show through to the front? How old is the glass?
Maybe post a photo of the front part of the glass.
I've had this happen but just left the tape on. It wasn't worth the risk.
If I had a broken glass I'd that I could experiment on, I'd maybe try WD-40 but, for some of that older glass, I'd be afraid the paint would just crumble off.

Hi and thanks for the reply, It does show through and that's why I was hoping to remove it. It is on the belly glass of a Bally 6000. See around the Super Jackpot insert


Hang on... I'll consult some other members!


 Does your glass have the clear lamination on the back to protect the silk screening?


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