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Hi friends
I acquired a Sigma 3-reel that is certainly a project machine!  Someone didn’t take time to look up the correct way to drill open a slot machine and drilled all 3 key switches before drilling the door lock. Nevertheless its bones look good. All 3 Power supplies are completely dead which is suspicious but I will work through that. What I need help with is identifying which of the 3 switches the 6 wires goes to. Does anyone have one of these intact? Each of the wires has a tag 0,1,2,3,4,5. Is it safe to assume they are sequentially paired?

Thanks for any help.


Hi Chris,

in attachment part of the schematics…you can see the keyswitches…

Hope that helps…


 Thank you very much.

Do you know if these are momentary switches or on/off.



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