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1981 IGT Keno Machine couple minor issues


 :odie: Hello everyone . After all the covid drama and a death in the family I am finally getting back to the couple of games we have which have been sitting idle. Prior to sitting they all worked fine of course. The machine I'm trying to get working now is an old 1981 IGT Keno Machine I believe it's called a Fortune II. I soldered a loose part back on the board which had broke free, removed cleaned and reassembled most of the chips on the board that I felt I could safely remove. Prior to doing any of that when turning on the machine the whole screen was scrambled and when reading an old thread here on the archive about the same exact machine I have doing the same exact thing I decided to do what the commenters said and pulled some chips and put them back into their slot.
 The machine finally, after adjusting the monitor back out it was way off , the game is on the screen and appears normal even though I have the color settings a tiny bit off. It says INSERT COIN, 0 CREDITS, it appears normal, but the sound the machine makes isn't there, at idle the machine has a computer song it plays, I'm not hearing that now? any idea what that could be? and it's not accepting coins, they are getting jammed up in the coin mech.
Any help would be appreciated. I had another account on here on the old site and I was speaking with some folks about my old Bally Electro-Mechanical then I find out a few of these guys passed away, like AMECHANIC. I remember speaking with that guy, what a bummer. Couldn't remember my email or sign in info for my old account.


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