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does anyone now anything about this machine ,,im at a lost dont read the laguage thats on it

any would go along way 

not sure how to start my own post


That's a Japanese Pachislo machine. AWP - amusement with prizes. I don't know much about them, other than that they're "skill stop" and cheap. https://www.ebay.com/b/Japanese-Slot-Machine/14283/bn_7023221754

thanx for info

that helps

There is a web site dedicated to the Pachislo machines like the one you have. Pachitalk.com   

They are not very popular in the slot community. They are also largely misunderstood.
They are not, as some call them “Japanese slot machines “ they are parlor games. Much like our arcades have ticket redemption, in Japan you purchase tokens and when done playing you buy things in the parlor shop with any that you win, even grocery items in some. That is why Pachi doesn’t use coins even though many people convert them to use quarters. When they get going they pay huge bonuses and have music and flashing light replay sessions. They can be fun for kids. They originate from Pachinko machines which used balls (my profile pics show mine).
There are some interesting videos on YouTube of the parlors. Very noisy and smoky.
The machines are relatively robust, I would go directly to the backup battery and start there. I think there is a general reset button but I have never had to use it on mine.
I would be interested in hearing if you get it started and what you find that failed.



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