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Multi denom, multi stand alone for S2000 - A how to.


Hopefully I did it right and got the file posted to the file section under Mikohn. Should be a Microsoft word file. Let me know if there are problems with it.

Anyway, it is instructions on how I managed to get a Cham II+ to do multiple stand alone progressives on a multi denom S2000. There are 3 denoms on the game with three displays, each incrementing different amounts with play. Should easily be made to work with 2 or 4 denoms, too.

The dollar amounts of each are properly sent to the S2k, and you can see the value of each progressive under its associated game in menu No keychip needed to view.


See if you can attach the word doc to this post and I will sticky it in this section


Let's see if it attached correctly. Should be a Word DOC I made in Open Office.



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