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I have a Sigma Games PT-4B slant top slot machine with a JCM DBV-45 bill validator. My problem is it will not accept newer bills. Is there anyway to make it accept new bills or what would be a suitable replacement?  If I have to replace it what is a good replacement and what is the procedure?

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You will want to throw the DBV 145 in the trash and upgrade to a DBV 200. Upgrading any "higher" will require considerable mechanical modifications so I'd advise against that. Plus the 200's can be flashed to accept most new bills other than the $100 I believe.
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This is my 1st slot machine with a bill validator so still learning.   I thought I may have to upgrade.  Are they a direct swap or will I need to change the power supply or anything?

Also sorry for the double post.  I realized I posted in the wrong place and couldn't figure out how to delete my original post.

It will be the power supply and the head. The transport is all compatible.

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