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Sturdy Metal Stand for about $60


I made a slot stand out of a Heavy-Duty Universal Tool stand normally used to mount a drill press/band saw or other heavy equipment in your garage/shop. I purchased my PowerTec model UT-1002 at Home Depot for about $50, and have seen them on E-Bay and Amazon as well. The stands are rated at 500# so they should work with most slot machines.

Some modifications are required as the stand is too tall to use for slot machines. I measured down 19.5" from the top of each leg and cut the bottom off at the appropriate angle to ensure they sat flat on the floor. This gives me a 20" tall stand once it's all assembled. I used my 4" grinder/saw with a metal cutting disc. A protective plastic shoe is attached to the bottom of each leg so you don't see the cut marks you've done on the legs.  (To get the angle of my cut correct I first cut 3" from the bottom of one leg, then clamped that portion onto each leg at that 19.5" mark. It made a perfect guide.)

The wood top is made of high density MDF, which is normally attached with self-tapping wood screws from the underside. That seemed too flimsy, so I drilled the holes and mounted mine with 1/4" machine bolts and nuts (1 1/4" long) with washers on top and bottom. I spray-painted the wood top and lower shelf prior to installation.


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