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Need help with game rate settings for Beanstalk and other games


Some of these games have a game rate option of 1 thru 6 or 8 and others have game rate options of 1-99%, 2-98%, etc.  Can someone please tell me what the tightest setting is on these games?

Looking in the manual doesn't tell you really...I don't know why they do that.
So I ended up writing an email to the company about the "game rate" once about 14 years ago....these are old 25 liner games - Beanstalk came out in 2007.
What Josh Wang from the Sales Department at IGS wrote back to me on Dec.17th/2008, in his exact words....>>>
"The setting of 1 to 8 is the setting the rate that player hit the prize.
For example, if the main game rate set to "8=92%" that player has less chance to win
prizes than the rate set at "5=95%". The same meaning as the double up rate setting."

I did not make any mistakes typing above...THAT^^^ is from the email. :rotfl:
From what I can figure out is that the higher the number & percentage setting you set it at, the harder it is to win?
I wrote back again and I asked for specific % numbers and this is what I got.
I have no idea why the numbers are different from above?
I gave up trying to get accurate information from them...>>>


I also pointed out to IGS the glaring mistakes in their manual.
For example, look at System Set Up No.8 about the Touch Panel...all of a sudden it's in Spanish?!?....haha

Here's a link to the manual...>>>


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