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Universal Ultra Series Overhaul


This is the first actual casino slot machine I've worked on.  I wanted to get my wife a machine for her birthday.  I bought a couple Pachislo machines, but they weren't quite the same.  So, knowing nothing about anything, I bought a Universal Ultra Series Silver Bullet Sevens off of Facebook Marketplace.  It was listed as not working and I paid $200 (a little high).  When I went to look at it, I did a RAM clear and it started spitting out error codes.

After replacing a few capacitors in the power supply and cleaning the backplane connector and re-seating a dozen or two times, I got it working...mostly.  There's still a problem with the RAM battery, but it plays fine until you power cycle it.

The gold plating was ugly to begin with, in poor condition now, and seemed silly when the theme was Silver I removed it all and repainted it with a hammered finish silver paint.

I also designed new decals for the bill validator, payout limit, and denomination.  It came setup for large novelty tokens with a $1 denomination.  Since the JCM DBV-145 won't accept any new bills except for $1's, it didn't seem fun, so I changed it to Nickels.  I designed and 3D printed a new hopper wheel sized for nickels and a set of spacers to make the CC-62 Wide Body Coin Validator accept nickels.

In the end, I think it turned out nice and my wife was thrilled.  I just checked the meter.  I gave it to her four days ago and she's already played 4,672 spins.  I think she likes it!

Sunrise Side:
Nice !!!

Very nice!
The gold Ultra's had that gold wear off pretty quick. Silver looks much better.

That looks great!  :yes:


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