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fortune II board ??


i think my board is bad , i can take the board from my keno machine and the keno game comes up on the screen, my battery is good but getting nothing but green screen when i put this board in  so im looking for one of these board, the red light on the back of the board is on very faint  i changed transformer from keno board no change in red light , so that leads me to believe i have a bad board anybody got one of these this came out of a video slot

You would need to send your board to our shop so we have access to your software if a replacement board is necessary.
If we can fix your board using our Fortune II board tester we will send that back to you.
email klar.slotrepair@gmail.com and ask for packing and shipping instructions.


aka badbaud on NLG

thanks for the info alan ,  :thank_you:


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