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Hi. Can anyone assist with a machine ID?

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Hi all, newbie here from South Africa.
Sorry to just straight into a question. Myself and the wife love to just tinker with stuff...learning as we go along. Years ago I bought a few pinball machines, and learned a ton restoring and fixing them.
Been a long time though. Now I have a craving to play with an old slot machine and see if we can get it going.
Bought the following machine for less than $100, so I don't have much to lose if it's junk or can be fixed.
Was wondering if anyone can ID it for me? From there I can get some manuals, and start cleaning and then see what is wrong. Haven't attempted anything yet.
Appreciate any info. I expect that like the pinballs, this is going to involve lots of Paypal money, importing parts and general frustration. But I guess if it was easy, it wouldn't be worth doing.
Is this one a waste of time?

im no expert let the other guys chime in i believe its a newer version of mine williams igt s2000 i know for mine i had to buy a ram clear chip a game setup chip and a battery for the ram and alot of web searching to figure out how to set it up with that said i was able to find the chips and battery for 35 bucks good luck

looks like Universal Ultra Series to me (given manufacturer date).  model # i believe would be the same # as shown on the eprom.

Ooh. Confused now.
If it's a Universal Ultra Series, weren't those made in 1996?
The partial plate I can see there says Mfg 14 11 89 so 1989?
Universal Double Diamond machine maybe? Could this be pre-Ultra? If confirmed, I guess the next step is looking for manuals. Board pic below, showing number. Does this help at all?
Thanks for the help so far.

ahh, you may be correct.  it may not be ultra-series.  I have 0 info on these machines.  Manufactured way before my time of when i started mucking around with machines.


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