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Looking at this locally.  Can’t find anything on the brand, or casino for that matter.

Anyone recognize this?

This is Palal casino and hotel, but mr. Palal passed away, so I believe it closed. Not sure if it's the same


Wow,  this machine came a long way.

Wonder if it has been converted to US 110v?

Hard to see on the plug.

Interesting looking machine.

I can see the u.s. plug. It actually looks like a machine you would see in a boardwalk arcade at the sea side.

I took a gamble and bought it for $50.  No keys.

Good news is that the machine works great, however it is missing a hopper.

It has a 7 wire connection, figure I can modify a different hopper and get it working.

Any suggestions on what hopper may work best?

I have a Bally EM, Bally 5000, wms 500, Bally 6000 hopper available to use.

Neat machine,  will be fun when it pays!


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