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Hi, after researching earlier form topics about door open errors on bally a2 without answers, I'm reaching out for help, I recently removed and replaced a topper on a v22, and I'm getting an "open door t" error, from earlier posts the t error= bonus topbox door, where is this switch/door located and how do I clear the error, any help would be appreciated.
Thanks, john


t= top monitor switch.

The manual defines t switch as 'Top Box Switch'.  In another part of the manual, it refers to the "Top Box" as the topper. A bit confusing but this is all I found.

yes, top monitor switch (upper left hand side) has been bypassed, only removed and replaced topper with new, all same connections? was working fine with old topper with bad screen, will try to remove wires to topper and any update progress, ..............


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