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Top box fluorescent lights.

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Have any of you replaced, The two 11in fluorescent light tubes with new. Led would be great but just need new tubes. A part number would be great, Nothing on ones I have, Burned off I guess. Any help would be great. Thanks.

I will check and confirm tomorrow.


Thank You Rich. Now to find a supplier for them.


--- Quote from: rarestamx on February 25, 2023, 09:42:06 AM ---Thank You Rich. Now to find a supplier for them.

--- End quote ---

31 Mar 23
I just bought two of them at www.replacementlightbulbs.com in High Point NC. 336-882-2852 "Ron" The cost was $3.00 each but shipping was pricey.
They measure 11-3/16 excluding pins and 11-3/4 including pins. Mine were a very tight fit and not much room to get my hand in there to rotate the bulb into place.

One broke as I was twisting it and cut my finger. The other one fit tight but did light when I powdered up. However, it went out a very short time later. It did re-light again when powered up, so the bulb is not burned out but the ballast is probably shot.

I'm not sure what the ballast reads, hard to get to it. So no replacement yet. Maybe someone will have the ballast info for me and I can search for a pair. ???
I'm still trying to find a manual for repairs and parts. No luck so far.

Good luck with your bulb issue and be careful twisting the bulb to seat it.



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