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(This subject started off as a issue with my BV not being recognized, by my machine, an IGT S2000 with an MEI bill validator. It ended up being my interface or I/O card. So, I'm now editing the information from all the experts into a thread on cleaning your BV box.)

Read through this thread if your machine no longer recognized the cash can.
First, check your I/O card just to rule it out. Endure the contacts are clean, etc. From my understanding, if it is the I/O card, the machine will not even recognize that there's a BV installed. But it can't hurt to check.

There's a prism "triangle pole" in the bottom of your could be dusty.
That prism "triangle pole" is hard to get's located in the very bottom, middle of the box on the end of the molded, clear plastic stacker arm itself.
The plastic optics on both sides of the prism "pole triangle" run to the outside of the box.
Those optical lens need to be clear of dust as well because there's sensors on the bottom of the MEI head that's inline with them.
The head senses that there's an inserted box when light goes thru it.
Blow the dust off the prism "pole"with a compressed air can that has the long tube  or throw your cash box in the dishwasher.

When you clean everything and push the cashbox back in, you should get a slow, single green blink on the head LEDs.
When the door is closed, that slow green blink should be solid green and the yellow validator light should come on

You can remove those plastic optics from the stacker and wash them with some mild dish soap and water. Works wonders.

The plastics usually have two Philips screws...easy enough to remove with a screwdriver, but some of mine have what looks like ....rivets?
I haven't been able to get those ones apart.
For those ones, I stick the tube of the compressed air in where the "pole triangle" is near the gears and blast the dust off of it.

If you have the cash can with the rivets take the whole thing to the sink and run water through it, no soap, just water. give it 24 hours to dry and that should take care of it.


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