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cherry master

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i just bought a 8 liner machine cabinet and need the dip switch settings, i pretty sure i have the original cherry master game board. i downloaded one set and tried that but messed it up worse . now when i cut game cabinet on the alarm goes off and says hopper empty see attendent . before i could push button on coin in and out meter and pullk up a menu option. couldnt ever get it to do anything but would pull up menu.. also when you put bill in acceptor it adds credit on meter but not on screen. any help would be appriciated

On the screen, you should have seen the Version of your game.

I've pasted a couple of links for you to go see.
These guys deal with 8-liners and cherry masters.

Why not give them a phone call, and ask them if they have the manual for your cherry master version?...>>>



trying to fix tonight if possible they are closed

What Version/brand do you have?
There are many different Versions.
Is there a label with the year?
Did you see a "Vers"# onscreen?

Post a photo of your board.
I'll woud be able to tell you if yours is an original model year board or not.
High resolution photo up to 1000kb, so we can zoom in without the picture getting pixelated and blurry.

here ya go


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