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So, i picked up a cool old s2000 Cleopatra for a really good price. Its coinless..but the problem is that the machine is not recognizing the BV. Someone suggested getting some chips and start with that. The problem is that there are sooo many different chips for different things, i dont know what chip is what. I typically buy s+, so this is different to me. Can anyone tell me what chip does what? Maybe a list?
Getting back to my problem. , the MEI that was in there didnt work at all. Steady red light. I have another machine that takes the exact same MEI, and swapped it out. It cycled fine. Green light came on. bezel didnt. I made sure in the settings that the validator was enabled. i tried to self test, and it said "no response from bill validator. I reseated the cash box. Same. I switched the cash box to a different cash box. no difference.
MEI 6607R . I did order a 97, and 17 chip that I will have Monday, but is that the way to go, or do I beed a special chip? I know my S+ machines have a chip to enable the bv and set denom. Any and all help appreciated!!!

I received my new chips. 97. 17. Went through every setting one by one. Set the denomination.  Enabled the bv. Set to coinless. When I set to auto configure netplex devices,  it only sees the printer, and not the bill validator. I know the bill validator works. I swapped it to another machine and it works fine. Getting desperate,  I even took another bill validator assembly, known working unit with the green board and the cashbox out of a working machine and put it into this machine, and same result. I swapped out the enhanced mother board. Same result. It powers up. It cycles as it should. The bezel light never comes on, and auto configure doesn't see the BV.

SOMEONE chime in and tell me what I'm missing

after you put the other bill validator assembly in the machine did you run a netplex configuration?

Yes. I did try to auto configure the new bv, but it only recognized the printer

when you swapped the bv did you swap the frame too? I've seen a harness cause this problem.


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