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Questions about 400/401 bill validator/ stacker

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I just picked up two machines, a Williams Dotmation and a 401. They both have bill validators in the same place, basically the same setup, just different bezels.

Two questions:
It looks like there is some sort of tool used to remove the stacker, but I have not seen one outside of the manual. Are they out there? Or is there an easy trick to remove the stacker without using a putty knife?

Also, why did they make it that the pull handle is in the way of the access door? I can shimmy the stacker out, but ideally you’d want to pull the handle down first. Is there a trick that others use?

You can use two wide putty knives, push one on the left, the other on the right.


You can tape a used gift card or credit card... to each side of the stacker. It will pull out easy, and it will stay in place ok. The handle shoukd move just enough to get the box out, not all the way but enough to get it out.

Sunrise Side:
bet one credit and pull handle down enough to clear the cashbox, the handle will stay in the partial pulled position.  I wonder how they accessed the cash cans in the casino when the handle is in the way??


--- Quote from: Sunrise Side on March 19, 2023, 05:45:07 AM ---  I wonder how they accessed the cash cans in the casino when the handle is in the way??

--- End quote ---

I agree, kinda a bad design choice, especially when machines are tight to each other, side by side.


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