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S+ Top Dollar help needed.


Hi All, looking for some help with my Top Dollar S+. Played it all evening and worked fine. Left it running all night and when I went back top candle light flashing and nothing in winner paid, credits and coins played. Insert coin flashing. I turned it off and restarted reels jumped about 1/2 inch and same as before. Pushing white reset button does nothing. Turned jackpot key and the spin/handle button lights but does nothing. Opened and closed door and insert coin goes off momentarily then back to flashing. Any suggestions?

Thanks Gary

Check white molex plug on motherboard, just a guess ?

The first thing to check is if your wheels are stiff ?
If not your not getting power.......

Per the previous reply, the mother board is the small built in board that the removeable MPU plugs into....
In the center of the board is a large white molex. If it becomes loose or the pins dirty you get the behaviors you just described.

Sometimes reseating it resolves the problem, more often than not it appears scorched.  I was able to clean one of mine up using a white eraser and a pen knife to scratch the pins a bit.
Others swear by replacing this harness. Basically the connection is not good, your getting minor arc'ing in there and the pins turn black over time (30+ years) and then the connection just stops working.

Thanks for the reply’s. I have power to the display board and the reels are stiff after they jump. Sent my MPU off to tested.


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