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Atronic Cashline hopper issue


Can someone with a Cashline and a hopper, do me a huge favor and take a look at your hopper? I just picked up a machine and it did not come with a hopper. I am getting a missing hopper error and changing the max hopper payout to 0 did not clear it up. I am now looking at either trying to find the PC software and dongle or figure out a way to trick the hopper board.

I pulled out the controller and cable for the hopper and have identified the 24volt motor wiring (forwards, backwards and common) but I’m trying to figure out the other wires. All of my other machines have hoppers with mechanical switches and not photo eyes or anything else strange, so I’m hoping that I can just jumper out a set of pins and trick the board into thinking that there is a hopper, but still not have any hopper payout.

It sounds like the PC software and dongle are unobtainium, but if anyone has the set up I’d be willing to buy or “rent” that as well.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


There's two pages of Atronics Topics.
Here's a link to them.
Maybe you'll find an answer in there?...>>>



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