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Hello Everyone, looking for some help. I am working on an s2000 reel touch that was working. After some time of it being down, upon start up the top screen shows the boot process then the bottom display says MSverify Comm Error, after about 1omin, the top screen says please wait a moment and the bottom display says Display passes self test and stays like that for about 10min and the top screen tries to reboot its self, and it continues to reboot about every 10min or so. What should I be checking first. Both top and bottom batteries are good.

When it starts does the blue vfd at any time get to "waiting for video display "

upon start up yes it does.

Ok let me start off with do NOT disconnect or connect anything with the power on. This goes for anything inside the slot machine.
Ok let's start by separating the top box from the bottom.
On the back of the top box disconnect the molex plug with the three gray wires.
Power up the machine please report back on the step by step display from the top box.
From the initial splash screens to when it stops doing anything.
If all is okay it should eventually stop with a darker blue screen with a text box in the center ending with the words initializing.
The bottom mpu looks like it's working properly.

Top went through its bios start up the. Went to the blue screen and says one moment please. The bottom was waiting for video then went to msverify comm error and it’s been that way for about 15min.


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