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WMS BB! Jade monkey Wont boot up

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I have a wms bb1 jade monkey. recent, my bill val was giving me issues, so i removed it to try another. I didnt turn the power off.  :fryingpan: I tried 3 bill validators with no luck. (these were just bill validators i had laying around hoping to find one that worked. ) Finally, i gave up. I disconnected the entire bill val assembly, removed it, and put in a used one i purchased..complete with a bill val  mei 6607, which is what I had in there originally. Booted the machine up, and it went through the normal boot sequence, and right before the game usually comes stopped. It wont get passed the logo screen. I tried a ram clear, and put all the settings correctly, and the same thing happened. It went through the 5 minute boot sequence, and stops right before the game would come on I checked all the connections, making sure i didnt knock out a wire or disconnect something, but it all looks good. I also remember in the past if i had to do a ram clear, a configuring screen would come on. This doesnt happen now. Any thoughts?

When it hangs on the boot screen after the game finishes loading, what happens if you open the main door? Do you get the loud beep beep sound?  Does the screen acknowledge that you have an open door?

Yes. Normal loud annoying sound

What happens when you open the door and then push the diagnostic button to get into the admin menus?

Yes, I can access the admin menus, but when I 'return to game', I get the wms logo screen as pictured.


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