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New Owner of a Munsters Reel Touch

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  On Friday 4-28-23 I picked up my FIRST "Reel Touch" Game with Topper. The Add said working and it didn't work so I got some money off the price. After getting time to mess with it on Sunday I kept fighting a Random Reel tilt issue. With the Help of a Friend in Arizona and KC, I ended up swapping out the 1270 Enhanced board, main Power Supply,  and the Machine booted up and works! I have the RFA, ATA and BGM numbers Along with Chip numbers that I will tape inside the cabinet. How important is it to get the "Keyboard"? On my S2000 machines I will normally swap out the Florescent bulbs with LED Bulbs that bypass the Ballast. I see 2 Circle shaped Florescent in the top Glass area. Do they have an LED bulb available for these? I will be getting NEW LED Reels for this. The Strips and Glass are in Very Nice Shape. Any Upgrade Suggestions are Welcomed!!

Thank you in Advance,
Dennis B.

Congratulations on your new machine.
Is it a bios 1 or 2 top box?
Bios 1 will show a red white and blue finger splash when they first boot up. Bios 2 has a yellow/green
 energy star when it boots.
Bios one you should not need the keyboard as the top box battery can go dead and the machine will still work.
Bios 2 needs a good battery in the top box but I would wait till it fails before you replace it.
You will get a hault message on the top box about a cpu speed change when the battery dies.
That's when you will need the keyboard.
Remember if you don't have LED reels already you will have to change the reel harness and the backlight controller card to match the harness when you get new led reels.
I usually continue to use the round florescent bulbs although others have used led strip lights.

 On the LED Reels, I am getting Brand New ones still in the box, New Harness and Backlite to I/O Card, along with the LED Backlit Driver board. As for the Bios I will check when I get home. I have a Video of the Blue Screen at start up That says "Reel Touch" One Moment Please. It has a Finger touching the gold area at the top of the Screen. Is that good?  I will boot it up After work. I am pretty Excited to have this machine. I don't ever recall seeing one of these in the Casino's.

The splash is when it first turns on you will have a red white and blue finger or a green  and yellow energy star bios screen.
Munsters was a rarer one and a good one, but most all of the reel touch machines left the casino floors 15 years ago.
LED reels will be a nice upgrade as it's about 50/50 whether they had them installed originally on Reel Touch. One more thing to note is they had both thin and wide reel strips, make sure you are getting reels that match your strip width.

I measured the reels and they are 2 1/4 and that was what i got. Here is a pic of the finger splash. It says my picture is too big to post.



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