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Mei cashflow for ballys 9000 5 reel single monitor

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I’m still trying to get a working machine. I have a bv / stacker error. Can someone assist with their knowledge please.   The one bv I have shows a solid yellow light. The other is red and yellow so I assume that one is bad.  The yellow does a full cycle when the machine is stated and the red/yellow does not.  Given my error on the screen what are your thoughts. Should I remove the backplane and inspect for damage or order a backplane and another Mei? At a loss here as I don’t have a second machine to test etc.       

So I went over all the wiring, switches, the bv’s I have and managed to remove all errors.  The bv will have a solid green with some manipulation of the bv and stacker box.  The problem now is the bills go in the bv and immediately get spit out. Used 1$ bills and along with the Mei coupon and same thing in and right out. I did notice the cash box is worn and appears some liquid damaged the box. I realize there is two little plastic squares that some purpose to communicate some function to the bv head. I did disassemble the cash to look for issues with the mechanical internals and all appear to be okay.. upon start up the bv used go to a solid yellow. Now it’ll go red as it appears it will not have a complete cycle.  With the stacker box back switch tied together and the rocker arms manually pushed up the bv will cycle and go to a solid green. However, still spits the money right out..  If I insert the box as normal it’ll start to cycle but not have a complete cycle and turn solid red.  I’m assuming there is just something wrong with the cash box.. I do not have an extra box to try so that’s next on my list to find a known working one. Is there a common error that goes along with the bv immediately spitting the money out?   Lastly if a Tito setup was used can all this be bypassed?  We just want to play the machine and do not need the adding bills function. 

Unfortunately, you have to get the BV working correctly to accept TITO tickets.
A slow, blinking green LED is should go to solid green once the door is in a closed-state.
Can you close the door?
Are there any messages on the display?

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Appreciate the reply bunker, I have the switch with a bypass so it’ll flash green until I connect it (shut door) then solid green.  I had the bv apart to look for mechanical issues.  Next I’ll pull the board and check the components values under the microscope.  The other ones I have are the 6607 type bv’s don’t work at all. They have different internals.  The bv that shows signs of life is the one added now.  The Tito is the system that will add credits with the service button? That still needs a working bv?

The SC6607's I use for the WMS BB2's...probably the wrong firmware you'd need.
SC6602's are for the IGT S2000's.etc, etc...I don't know what MEI models your machine uses?

I just saw this...totally forgot about it...
It's setting up the TITO to add credits using the Service button.
You'll see/er in the video there's specific requirements needed in order to do that...>>>


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