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sg-50b intermittent reset help for a newbie


Sg-50b powers up and you can play but it will suddenly lose power to the buttons, display, and game. the only thing that retains power are the fluorescent lights and bill validator. then it will reset itself repeatedly. Any help is greatly appreciated. I do have the service Manual for it but it doesn't give any reference to my problem.

probably the power supply going out.  if you have the three mounted behind the reels, they have a red LED on them to indicate power, when it craps out, see if the led is out, probably the 5 vdc power supply.

if your is mounted behind the hopper, you have a 3-1 supply, red wire is the 5vdc,  you would have to find a 5 volt supply and tap it in to the existing wiring.

Hope this helps


Thanks! I'll try that!


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