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Some IGT Poker Projects


I Picked these IGT machines up a few months back,

One had a Necked Tube :( though i did have a 13" tube floating around it was a CR31 not a CR23

But the other I spent about an hour on it and got it fired up.

I will update if I ever get back to it.

Those are fun machines to work on. Pretty easy to get running and fun to play. Bummer about the necked tube, is that a Ceronix 1492?

I Believe it was a Ceronix 1490 Also Came with a Spare Ceronix Chassis.

Sounds like you need a tube though. They are around. I believe 1490 and 1492 boards use the same tube. The primary difference is that a 1490 chassis only works in IGT machines.1492 has solder jumpers to be compatible with several different machine formats.
Someone correct me if Im wrong.


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