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classifieds ?

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--- Quote from: shortrackskater on January 21, 2024, 11:04:19 AM ---Joey started allowing regular members to post WTB in Classifieds, since it supports the site members and vendors. I need to change this in the description, which I will get to eventually.  :arrowthruhead:
You should see the NEW TOPIC  tab just above the start of the ad listings. Can you post a screen shot?

--- End quote ---

Unpaid members do not have the ability to create a new post in the classified section.

Joey was fine with members being able to create WTB ads for the reasons you mentioned, but since it isn't possible to only allow WTB posts while simultaneously disallowing WTS posts, the work-around was that unpaid members could post WTB ads in the Requests for PSRs and technical information section, and a moderator could move the post to the classifieds.

Well heck... maybe my test account is somehow sharing information from my other account, but I was able to post in NLG classifieds as a regular non-contributing member.
PM sent.  :yes:


Good to know, thanks

Well to summarize this - the test I did in classifieds (I posted the answer there as well) was to confirm that my alter account, set at "regular" (non paying) membership COULD in fact post in the Classifieds which was what I did.
However, I FAILED to check the drop down menu "show additional groups." I had, at one point, checked senior and completely forgot.
Kevin found that in my settings.  :yes:
After un-checking that, I went back to NLG classifieds and sure enough I could NOT post.  :arrowthruhead:


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