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Hi, So I am having issues with my MEI Sc Advanced Bill Validator that I can not for the life of me figure out why, I haven't checked in depth on the board to what could be causing this problem, maybe a chip? My Bill Validators (Multiple) when connected with specific interface boards will not accept 1s, It will take older 5s newer 5s and so on (Everything else is known working.) Too my knowledge 1s haven't been changed in my entire lifetime so it shouldn't be an issue of older firmware on the validator itself. Will a PPM connected to a MEI BV also push firmware to the interface board anyhow? The board is the exact same setup as a board I have working just as it should. Board 175C Rev. B. If anyone could help me figure this out and or point me in the right direction that would be amazing. (Not sure of the actual name of the board, I see interface board but I've had people call it a daughterboard. Board that connects the MEI to the harness.)

Edit: Issue was resolved with an MEI Configuration Coupon. Thank you Stayouttadabunker

That board I've been calling it the MEI Interface card.
The problem I was having with a couple of them was the spring contacts on pins #7 and #8 being lower than the rest.
I slightly and very carefully made new bends upwards on those two spring contacts.
In other words, making them slightly "larger" so that way when the acceptor was pushed into the contacts, the acceptor gold tabs wouldmake somewhat new contact on the springs.

Take off the two Philips screws, slide off the spring contacts holder from the Interface card.
You will see how they work.
What I believe has happened is that the spring contacts have been depressed for so many years ( some since 2003 ? ) that they weren't contacting the gold tabs of the head that good any more.
By bending the springs a little "larger", they made a somewhat fresh electrical contact on the gold/silver tabs.
Also, I cannot verify this but it does make sense to me that perhaps those two pins were carrying a somewhat higher load of work and maybe getting warmer than the other pins...for that reason, they flattened out lower than the other springs...making a weaker contact.
Another thing, there are cheaper made Interface cards that only have silver tabs.
I made a little video...>>>

So I went to go check pins 7 & 8 and they were bent downwards more than the rest, I took off the spring housing and bent them up in order to make better connection at board side and BV side, unfortunately this did not yet fix my issue of won't take in $1 dollar bills, It could make sense that those 2 pins with a miss connection causes this issue if those 2 pins are involved with the bill taking process,  :EmoticonHelp4: :EmoticonHelp4: :EmoticonHelp4: :EmoticonHelp4: :EmoticonHelp4: :EmoticonHelp4: :EmoticonHelp4: :EmoticonHelp4: :EmoticonHelp4:

OKay..then it sounds that you have more of a software programming problem.
You have to make yourself a coupon ticket, fill out the $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, and $!00 circles with a pencil that you want the bill accept to accept, stick it in and the bill aceeptor will be re-programmed to take the ones.
Go look in the MEI bill acceptor section of NLG forum topics.
Do a search for the "bill acceptance coupon"'s the link to it...>>>

I found some and purchased them, no we will wait and see if this will fix my issue, I felt like it was something with a programming issue, when I get the coupons I will give you a heads up if it worked or not, Thanks a lot for your help!


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