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Big Bang Piggy Bankin - Boot Problem


Need some help from those more knowledgeable than me. Picked up a non-working Big Bang Piggy Bankin machine. When I got it, F2 (3A SB fuse) in the PDU was blown with black marks telling me that it was a short that took it out. Traced it out and found a pinched with in the upper cabinet florescent fixture. Fixed the and replaced F2. Machine booted and was playable for about 5 minutes. Shut down for the night and came back to it the next day.

The internal switching power supply has been removed and bypassed with an ATX power supply providing +5, +12 & -12V DC directly to J1 inside the PDU. Have verified that the voltages are all present to J1.

Now when power is turned on, get a normal, single "bong" and then a "buzz" about 2 seconds later. Tilt is illuminated, but no tilt codes on the displays. Checking the IO Board, all 5 leds on the right are lit and have a illuminated DS1 LED.

Not sure where to check from here, so any suggestions or pointers would be welcomed.

Follow Up

Checked the voltages at the J12 output (cable that goes to the backplane). All the voltages are there except for +5VDC on pin 13. The comes from the output of the HCPL-3700 optocoupler on the PDU board. Does any know if there is any problem if this were to be connected to the +5VDC that is available on pins 20-22 ?


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