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This machine has 4 games. I know Diamonds of Dublin and a cherrie game  I can’t remember the other 2. I can find regular Diamonds of Dublin  but not the Hot Hot Super Jackoot version with the free spins.  Please help.  Here is a video of it.  https://youtu.be/KuihBlHeOeI?si=WXdw9FXcQvE3oKwB

This is an intermediate cabinet between the BB1 and BB2 cabinets.  It is basically a BB1 cabinet with a 4:3 transmissive monitor, a monitor in the topbox, and a CPUNXT2 mpu.  There are actually 2 sets of 4 games that will work with this cabinet, and the reel strips are nearly the same except for some cosmetic changes, but both sets of the games will display and show the right payouts as it plays.


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