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WMS BB2e “OLED Button Panel fw version mismatch”


I am trying to get Time Machine to run on my BB2e machine. The machine came with Neptune’s Quest installed running with OS Family H13.37 SSG-000-16BB operating system card. From the reading I have done I knew I wouldn’t be able to get it to work without a different os card. I purchased an sssg-000-16cj per recommendations from other threads. Used a clear card then reinstalled Neptune’s Quest with the 16cj and had it operating properly. Shut down and used clear card. After clear completed shut down and replaced with Time Machine using sssg-000-1460 os card and keep getting oled fw error. Do I need to change oled button panel firmware using a computer? Shouldn’t using the 16cj card have “unlocked” the oled panel to allow me to downgrade the os? Am I missing a step? Thank you! Brad

Even though you used CJ to unlock the deck, 1460 does not have the ability to update, you need to use 1480 or 1490 which does update firmare.  You can also use the WMS comm tool to update with a PC.


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