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Sigma 50-B jumper switches help for changing payout percentages

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I have a Sigma 50-B Double Cherries, one line slot machine. I would like to change the payout percentage to the highest percentage of 98%. I have the manual and it says to use the Jumper switches to do that, but there are 10 jumper switches and the manual only refers to 1,2 and 4. If anyone knows how to help me find out what to do with the 10 jumper switches for this, could you please reach out? TIA

I have a similar machine and the only manual I can find also refers to jumper switches.  However, on the CPU board right next to the 8-position switch is a series of wires all lined up in a row.  In order to change the percentage, you need to open (disconnect) or close (connect) the wires.  I'm fairly new at this, but my thought it that the wires were put in place to make it a little harder to set the percentages.  Otherwise, anyone could easily and intentionally (or accidentally) reset the percentages in just a second.  The wires are still really simple to deak with:  It's just a matter of soldering or unsoldering a wire to make or break the connection, but it requires a soldering iron and the true intention of changing the %, as opposed to just sliding a switch.  Anyhow, that's how my machine is built.  If you upload a phot of your cpu board, we can confirm.

Good luck! 

Thanks for the reply. On my board, the jumper switches are on the back side so that they cannot be changed quickly or easily. There are 10 switch positions, but the manual only mentions 6 and only 4 positions for payout percentages. And it just doesn't make any sense to me. Here are photos of the front of my board and the back of my board with the jumper switches and also a page from the manual that poorly describes what to do to change percentages.

Ok, that doesn't look so bad.  If I'm looking at it correctly, you have a 20 Pin DIP (dual inline package) socket with soldered wire bridges.  This gives you 10 possible jumpers, of which it's likely that only the first 8 are being used.  I can't see in the blurry photo but my guess is that jumper#1 is on the left.  You can Google how to find pin 1 on a 20 Pin DIP to be sure. It usually has a small mark to identify #1.   If I'm correct, it is currently configured with 1, 3,4,5, 7, and 8 closed/jumped.  Unfortunately, that does not agree with any of the % settings on the chart.  According to the chart, the % is set using jumpers # 1, 2, and 4, and I do not see a combination that matches what you currently have. To get 98%, you want jumpers on 1, 2, and 4. Right now, of the 3, you only have #1 and #4 jumpered and I don't see that combination in the chart, so I've got no idea what it's currently doing.  My guess is that you can add a jumper to #2 and you "should" be at 98%.

The chart does not say what all the other jumpers do, so I would not mess with them yet.  Try just adding a jumper to #2 and see if it loosens up.

By the way, before you solder anything, remove the DIP header from the socket so that you are not working directly on the board itself.  Use a good quality pencil iron, not one of those pistol grip high heat nuclear things that melt everything.

Good luck.  Post more pictures when you can.

Yes, I can see on the other side of the board that number 1 is on the left as we see it from the back side of the board. I thought the same as you, that I just needed to jump number 1 number 2 and number 4 to get the 98% payout, but if you look at that payout chart, there are 7 other percentages that also have 1, 2 and 4 on. 83% payout has the same jumpers on. That's why I don't know what it's trying to tell me in that chart, very confusing.


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