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NLG on iPad....please school me!

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 :EmoticonHelp4: :EmoticonHelp4: :EmoticonHelp4: Currently, when viewing the new site on an iPad, the page has to be resized EVERY time a new page is too small to read comfortably if left unsized each time.

WHAT can I do to fix this? This was not an issue on old site. Please help, as this is REALLY not giving me "warm and fuzzy" feelings for the new site, and I know I am not alone on this one... :EmoticonHelp4: :EmoticonHelp4: :EmoticonHelp4:


It's the same on the iPhone.
The page is only 3/4 size.

Might as well chime in...its the same on the Galaxy Note 10.1. You can resize it, but when you go to another page it's small again.

Whew! Thought it was just me! I had this problem when I created our website, but that was because I manually entered the Max page size for the site, and when I removed the sizing, it displayed "normally" after that.

Joey only knows about 10000x more than me about website layout and design, so I'm sure he'll be able to tell us what to do to fix this!  :yes:

You could make it your next trivia question and get a quick


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