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Please help ID these video slots for the PE+ platform


I've started to document known video slot program sets for the PE+ platform.  If you have any additional information to contribute please respond in a post.  THANKS!!

What's known so far isn't much as the video slots weren't as popular as the poker stuff, so here goes:

Program  Game Type                  Graphics / Color   Coin Max / Lines
PS0014   Super Joker                   CG916 / CAP916       3CM / 1L
PS0015   Super Joker                   CG916 / CAP916       3CM / 1L
PS0021   Red, White & Blue             CG960 / CAP960       3CM / 1L
PS0022   Red, White & Blue             CG960 / CAP960       3CM / 1L
PS0040   Jackpot Jungle                CG961 / CAP961       2CM / 1L
PS0041   Jackpot Jungle                CG961 / CAP961       2CM / 1L
PS0042   Double Diamonds              CG1003 / CAP1003      3CM / 1L
PS0043   Double Diamonds              CG1003 / CAP1003      3CM / 1L
PS0044   Red, White & Blue             CG960 / CAP960       3CM / 3L
PS0045   Red, White & Blue             CG960 / CAP960       3CM / 3L
PS0047   Wild Cherry                  CG1004 / CAP1004      2CM / 1L
PS0048   Double Jackpot               CG1005 / CAP1005      3CM / 1L
PS0070   Hurricane                    CG1033 / CAP1033      3CM / 1L
PS0086   Earth Quake                  CG1060 / CAP1060      2CM / 1L
PS0090   Gold, Silver & Bronze        CG1059 / CAP1059      3CM / 1L
PS0092   Wild Cherry                  CG1004 / CAP1004      2CM / 1L
PS0206   Red, White & Blue             CG960 / CAP960       3CM / 1L
PS0207   Red, White & Blue             CG960 / CAP960       3CM / 3L
PS0239   Jackpot Jewels               CG1151 / CAP1151      2CM / 1L
PS0267   Spin Til You Win             CG1220 / CAP1227      2CM / 1L
PS0271   Spin Til You Win             CG1220 / CAP1227      3CM / 1L
PS0275   4th of July                  CG1225 / CAP1225      2CM / 1L
PS0280   4th of July                  CG1225 / CAP1225      3CM / 1L
PS0291   Haywire                      CG1220 / CAP1228      2CM / 1L
PS0296   Haywire                      CG1220 / CAP1228      3CM / 1L
PS0298   Double Diamond               CG1003 / CAP1003      5CM / 5L
PS0308   Double Jackpot                CG911 / CAP911       5CM / 5L
PS0358   Wild Star Red, White & Blue  CG1301 / CAP1301      3CM / 1L
PS0364   Wild Star Red, White & Blue  CG1301 / CAP1301      3CM / 1L
PS0366   Double Diamond Deluxe        CG1303 / CAP1303      2CM / 1L
PS0372   Double Diamond Deluxe        CG1303 / CAP1303      3CM / 1L
PS0373   Double Diamond Deluxe        CG1303 / CAP1303      3CM / 1L
PS0425   Sizzling Sevens              CG1428 / CAP1428      3CM / 1L
PS0426   Sizzling Sevens              CG1428 / CAP1428      3CM / 1L
PS0470   Triple Diamond               CG2132 / CAP2132      3CM / 1L
PS0581   Red, White & Blue             CG960 / CAP960       5CM / 5L
PS0615   Chaos                        CG2246 / CAP2246      3CM / 1L
PS0623   Black Cherry                 CG2249 / CAP2249      3CM / 1L
PS0628   Double Black Jack            CG2250 / CAP2250      2CM / 1L
PS0629   Double Hot Peppers           CG2252 / CAP2252      2CM / 1L
PS0631   Wild Star Red, White & Blue  CG1301 / CAP1301      3CM / 1L
PS0708   Double Cherry Bar            CG2265 / CAP2265      2CM / 1L
PS0716   River Gambler                CG2266 / CAP2266      2CM / 1L
PS0722   River Gambler                CG2266 / CAP2266      3CM / 1L

-- Not verified: info from net but unavailable to confirm --

PS0046   Wild Cherry           CG1004 / CAP1004      2CM / 1L
PS0083   Double Diamond        CG1003 / CAP1003
PS0204   Red, White & Blue      CG960 / CAP960
PS0222   Wild Cherry           CG1004 / CAP1004
PS0268   Spin Til You Win      CG1220 / CAP1227      2CM / 1L
PS0272   Spin Til You Win      CG1220 / CAP1227      3CM / 1L
PS0328   Super 8 Line          CG1085 / CAP1085
PS0329   Super 8 Line          CG1085 / CAP1085
PS0433   Super Bar             CG1034 / CAP1034
PS0463   Triple Diamond        CG2132 / CAP2132
PS0730   Scoreboard            CG1061 / CAP1061      3CM / 1L
PS0738   Sierra Silver         CG2267 / CAP2267      3CM / 1L
PS0754   Leap Frog             CG2272 / CAP2272      3CM / 1L
PS0758   Pharaoh's Gold        CG2271 / CAP2271

-- Completely unknown game type / graphics combos --


Again if you have any information / corrections please post here and I'll update the list.  Thanks!


PS0328 & PS0329 are confirmed to be Super 8 Line, documentation shows CG1085+CAP1085.

PS0090 Confirmed to be Gold, Silver & Bronze with CG1059+CAP1059

Any other help would be greatly appreciated.



PS0358   Wild Star Red, White & Blue
PS0628   Double Black Jack
PS0629   Double Hot Peppers
PS0708   Double Cherry

PS0364   Wild Star Red, White & Blue
PS0631   Wild Star Red, White & Blue

PS0470   Triple Diamond
PS0722   River Gambler


PS0015   Super Joke
PS0040   Jackpot Jungle
PS0041   Jackpot Jungle
PS0044   Red, White & Blue
PS0070   Hurricane
PS0086   Earth Quake
PS0267   Spin Til You Win
PS0275   4th of July
PS0291   Haywire

PS0048   Double Jackpot
PS0623   Black Cherry

Special thanks to knagl, with his help I was able to acquire a lot of IGT PE+ Slot chips and was able to archive some sets and sort out other sets.  You'll see these additions for play with a future version of MAME.


Holy thread revival Batman! Awesome work getting these archived!!!

Not meaning to go off-topic, but I couldn't even imagine where to start (re)identifying Aristocrat games in the same manner (never mind any other manufacturer, as I hadn't even started on anything else), the Undumped Wiki went kaput when I was still updating the pages, and my HDD crashed not long after so I lost all the text files which had bet/line settings, RTP, artwork part numbers etc. (the drive died three quarters of the way through being backed up). The only things I managed to add were the part numbers of known ROM chips and cards (mostly taken from various gaming/casino PDFs, chip photos etc. that showed up in Google).


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