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Hate Mail, Legal threats and Unhappy Campers

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Hate Mail, Legal threats and Unhappy Campers............... Yes we get them "believe it or not".......  and will be posting them here for you to enjoy......  :applause: :applause:

Authors Names are withheld to protect the guilty...  :arrowthruhead: Naaaaa if they Sign their name to it... So be it.. We will post it..!!!!!  :stirthepot: :stirthepot: :stirthepot:

  :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: We understand that you can't keep all the people happy all of the time....

  :fryingpan: :fryingpan: :fryingpan: but what the hell.........   :duh: :duh: :duh:

 :soapbox_3: I will not be personally responding to these emails.......  But instead will be letting you the NLG Community respond.  :soapbox_3:

Hi Joey,

In the New Forum I see I cannot post a WTB in the classified. It is only for contributing members? What does that mean? If I want to sell something or buy something (not posted already) I cannot make a post? I don’t get it. I can spend money with the best of them. This cuts me out big time. I really hate to hijack a thread, again unfair to someone else and me.

I think this is being done because a few people came in like gangbusters and pissed off a few folks. So, because of that I get penalized? Really?. I show as a new member but I am not. I never received an activation notice that I can remember so I started a new member account on the new forum.
Joey, I really don’t think this is fair in any shape or manner. I await your reply to put things in perspective.

Authors Name withheld

The way I see it there are three ways for you to become a contributing member. money, services, or knowledge shared. Some of us like to think we do all three, and then we have a awful lot of members that only take and not give anything back to the forum. Now if I have my facts correct and I think I do, Joey carried over the " Contributing Member " status from the old site to this one. this tells me you have never made a donation to NLGs ! So now I ask you, which of us is being punished, myself and a lot of others that feel we pay our share, or you that pays nothing but wants all the perks ??
You as a regular member can make all the post you want to, you just can't post in the classifieds. ( you also can't post in the Mod section, the SR. section, or the Vendor section, does this bother you ??) If  I had my way about it you wouldn't even be able to log on unless you were a "Contributing Menber"  " you play you pay " 
If you go to the old site and look at the members list, I saw one member that registered in 2008 and is still considered a new member, why, because he has never made a donation !!  You know Joey has all these bells and whistles on this new site maybe he will change member status to Mods, SR members,Contributing Members, Regular members and lastly Free loader members. ( Tight Asses )

Without being rude and I do not know the member being discussed I have to agree with Buzz on this.  It is very easy to be a contributing member with a small donation.   I have made many over the years,  My member status did not transfer over but the cont. part did.  Was all fine with me.  I like the new site and the way it is set up and also which is very impressive that Joey is very involved with it and many other key intellegent folks that makes all this happen. Most here don't have ANY problems with making small donations even if monthly, etc.   

:soapbox_3:     Sorry but I have got to add my 2 cents...    :soapbox_3:

Volunteer to moderator a topic, write up a FAQ on how to use the site.... or how to setup a game platform....  :propeller:

Constantly Volunteer to answer new users Questions ??? ? "Yes the dreaded Slide to replace coin Question"  :banghead:

And as a way of saying Thank you we will make you a contributing member or if you have enuff time in a SR member for Life.  :applause:

You will see a lot of contributing member and SR member Tages on the site.

Just a FYI: Only About 2% of the members are Paying members so It's not about the money..!!!!!  :talktothehand:

Just like our Banner Ad Space on NLG is NOT For Sale.
All Banner ads are given by NLG To Trusted Members in Good Standing Within our NLG Community.  :cool_thumb_up:

Sorry but this reminds me about the guy that comes over to your house for a party.
Drinks up all of the beer, Eats up all of the burgers, Complains there is NO live band.....  :chug:

But when the hat gets passed around to get another Keg of beer...Or a Run to taco Bell... He's Out the back door... C-ya...  :wtf1:

 :yourock: A lot of good people have spent hours and hours over the years keeping NLG Going and making sure the lights stay on....  :yourock:
                              If you want to know who they are... Just look for the members badges... They earned them.. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 :flaming: Joeylc  :nlg_ADMIN_NEW:

we now return you to your regularly scheduled program.....


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