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Picked up a game,but not to sure on the model. The tag says BBV for model  :Scratch-Head: The battery was  dead, replaced that, now it says needs clear. tried a 40x clear, but the reels just stutter. Any help  :thank_you:

PS, First post on the new site , I like it  :applause:

It's not one of those machines that are any good.  Tell you what, I'll take it off your hands for $200.

Randy it is a BB version of Jackpot Party with a color lcd that is patterned to look like dotmation. You cannot use a 40X clear, you need a clear for BB reels. Contact Blueridge or one of the other vendors. That should be a CF card correct?
Dan (tacman)
Well in re-reading your post, I guess it is still eprom based if you used a 40X to clear, Hope someone else can chime in to confirm.

No CF card, these are using what's called a Snapdragon board, not a standard Bluebird set up.  You need a special clear I.C. chip, and Jim at Blueridge has been the only source I have ever found.  Mine would not be running right now without Jim's help, thoese clear chips are not widely available. 
Fun game, once all set up.  Will also work with Bettor TITO, just use common sense with the setting parameters when setting up after a clear.  You will need the manual for this Snapdragon set up, and someone here should be able to send you one.  I printed mine so I would not need to save the file, or I would send it to you.   Again, maybe Jim at Blue Ridge can sell you one. 

Thanks for the replies... Anyone have a manual  :EmoticonHelp4: 
Sorry Buzz,first I have to play it  :dancing_2:


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