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I was kind of worried about 4 Deuces as he hasn't been on this new site so I called him, here is a copy of the email he sent.
 Hey Buzz, I got your voicemail. Yeah, all is well ... thanks for asking. I just have moved away from the slot hobby. Sold 3 of my 5 machines and will just keep the 2. I mentioned to Joey that I might not be on as much ... just really busy. Hope all is well with you. -Dave

Ron (r273):
Glad you checked Buzz. :yes:

lol moved to va to retire also, work here as much as nj but pay 90% less restate taxes under 4 k here in nj we were at 40k , and here I don't have to hide the slots

I talked to Dave in December and he was very busy but doing fine.

Buzz, thanks for checking and for letting us know.   :yes:

SF :garfield:

Look like to me merlin got his slack now as a moderator on avp.   Merlin was supposed to be the greatest wizard of all in ancient times.  :cool_thumb_up:


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