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Anyone heard of a STATUS brand Video Poker slot? CAN'T get it to do much!

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I bought this today. All that comes on is the fan and there's a CLICK near the coin acceptor.  Nothing else... no video, screen is dead. Fuses are good...checked continuity and cleaned sockets. Checked all the connections/plugs. There is no battery on the MPU that I can see.

From CVslots:

Inside pics please...

The power supply is behind the hopper. I removed it and didn't see anything obviously wrong, which doesn't really mean much. Checked all molex plugs, etc... There IS power going to the florescent light in the door - bulb is out. The CRT doesn't light up at the plug. I'm not an expert at CRT's so I don't really know what to look for there. I think I need to test the power out of the power supply but I have no idea what voltages are supposed to be coming out of where!


From jay:

Might not be the lamp in the door. Could be the starter. They usually are the first to go.
Look for a round can, push down turn left. Can get replacements at Home depot in a package of 2 for <$5

Any fuses ? check those for continuity with a multi meter.

Is there static on the CRT.
ON a TV that is ON but no picture if you run your finger around the edges you can feel the static.

I noticed there is a big plunger switch. Sometimes these cut power when a door is opened. This is a safety.
The ones on video games are designed to be pulled out when the door is open so the service tech can have power when doing diags.
Check this out. The switch may be faulty.... (with the power off) use a multimeter to check the switch function.

Generally on the motherboard there is a 3.5v cell soldered on. Possibly the big blue thing on the front of the board.
You can check for any voltage on that...... (with the machine off).
I am not sure if this would stop you from booting - my PE+ gives me a visual message that says battery low.


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