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Progressive hit setting?


Question: What setting on a CHAMII controls the point at which a progressive is hit?

Example: a casino in Lake Charles LA used to have a bank of 8 Sizzling 7's that all had stand alone progressives. These were .25 denom and would almost always award the progressive when it reached the $300ish range. The base would reset to $211 after a hit. The machines would sometimes award the progressive 3-4 times a day each. The highest I'd ever seen one build to before it hit was $388. I thought maybe it was the JP Limit setting but that only controls how high the progressive will build to before it stops increasing correct? So what setting determines when the progressive gets awarded? I would think it would be a between the range of $xxx to $xxx type setting instead of an exact dollar amount. I'm wanting to set one of my Bally 6000's w/ CHAMII up in the same fashion as the Sizzling 7's mentioned above. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It is my understanding that the chami can only control the reset $ value but does not/can not control when a progressive can or will hit. That would be a function on the payout % of the game itself.
The chami can control the max limit of the progressive but to my knowledge not a range of when the progressive will pay.

If anyone else knows how to do this please post.


I agree with qbert.. There is a bank of these at my local, smoke filled, shabby casino and I have never seen them above $1150ish.. They are $1 Sizz 7's.

It's just how often Sizz 7's hit the top JP.. That's why a 3Reel single payline Sizz 7's JP is so low, they hit much more. It's based off of the game, not a setting in the prog.

I only know of a base amount (Once the prog is hit) and a max amount it'll go to.. (and obviously percentage added per bet)


That actually makes perfect sence since 3-coin sizz 7 do hit so frequently and the % contributed was low and slow.   (i.e. jp resets to $211 and usually hits again before $350). My Monte Carlo Spin & Win might be a whole nother story..
Thanks guys

The Jackpot payout is 100% controlled by the machine payout setting Can be as high as 99.XX%. it matters not if it's a fixed payout or progressive.


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