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The NLG Welcome Wagon

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--- Quote from: captainhappy on January 28, 2014, 07:40:57 PM ---You may have been late, but not as late as me... Life keeps getting in the way of life! :'( ;D :o 

--- End quote ---

Well you DID make it though. Blame it on rough seas, a broken compass, and a bent sextant.
Then again, maybe you shouldn't talk about your bent sextant.  ;D  <--- seriously need our other smileys!  ;)

 :Professor: :Professor:

Please Remember to fill out your profile.

Ron (r273):
Filling in your profile helps locating your buddies and lets you know if he/she is a senior citizen like me. ;D
Us old folks need more help :stirthepot: .  It's always nice to know who you are helping and not communicating with a computer or like talking to a recording. Not so friendly states you can put USA, North, South, West or East if you like. Also helps if you are trying to sell something..
Ron (r273)

It look's good. I'll have to look it over & get used to it. Thanks Joey.

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SF  :garfield:


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