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How to determine what PE+ software is in my machine


So I've had a pe+ slant top now for about a month or so and my wife has hit TWO royals and the thing gives out four of kinds left and right. We are certainly not big time gamblers and I am obviously no expert but having lived in vegas for last 30 years, I've played a time or two. Our machine seems way "looser" than any I've played before.
Is there a way to determine which of these ROMs it is running? Is there an analog to "right click on my computer then select properties"?

(I also just wanted to get a post in so I don't get the boot.)

Welcome to the site.

Video poker, on your PE+ machine or at any casino in Nevada, cannot legally be rigged to be more or less "loose" or "tight".  Each hand must be a fair shuffle of a single deck of 52 cards (or 53 on a joker-based game).  The only way to manipulate the payout is by changing the values on the paytable.  You have just as much chance at hitting a royal or a quad at home as you do at the casino.

The easiest way to determine what game you have in your machine is to, with the door CLOSED, turn the jackpot reset keyswitch (under the armrest).  Keep turning it until you see a screen like the one I've attached to this post.  The "game program" ID is the game that's in your machine.  If you post that info here, we can give you more information about the specific game in your machine.


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