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This is a progressive unit in my S+ it's all hooked up, just unplugged for now. Not sure what it is and couldn't get to work. Any help on what model, software, and settings would be appreciated.

That is an LED5 also known as a Cham1.
LED = Link Extender Device.
There is a 2 pin interface next to an LED at one end that connects to a CON1 controller.
These units cannot be run standalone and the 9pin interface doesn't respond although I am sure it is there for some reason.
Con1 controllers are not expensive $<70 and if contact Joey (our forum host) I think he had a room full.
The manual for these - with all the dip switch setttings is in the CON1 Hardware manual (attached below).
The nice thing about a CON1 is that it is a LINK controller. Meaning that depending on the model you pick up you can connect 4,8,16 or 32 machines together for a shared progressive. There are 4 progressive levels and you can interdisperse messages with the jackpot display and then there is an idle message so you can have a different message when no one is playing.
I have 4 machines - 3 S+ each with an LED5 in them. I built my meter (display panel) into the player tracking bar. I then have a gateway device that is connected to my PE+ so I get the jackpot values on the screen and I also have two LED4s running my bigger meters. One of my big meters is a 1x2. Each panel is  16" wide  by 4inches high. So a 1x2 = 36" wide by 1 panel tall.  My other meter is 10.5' feet long x 8" high. It is a 2 x 8. Theoretically you can build your meter any size you want but you are limited to 16 panels. A 4 x 4 is possible but the problem is that the characters are a maximum of double tall.
To program the CON1 you need the PSP software (readily available) and a 9pin cable to the CON1.

I'm no expert on Mikohn, but I did read a lot of "Jay's" posts over the years! And I have installed several standalone units in the past. So here goes,

That, I believe, is a LED5 also known as a Cham 1. It requires a controller (Con1, I think?) to drive it.
They were/are used when several machines share the same progressive. One controller would drive several LED5's (Linked Extension Device) one located in each machine.

For home use in one machine you need a ChamII+ also known as a Standalone. The word Standalone would appear on the boards label.

Added; AHHH, Jay beat beat me too it!

Yeah I'm thinking Just a stand alone for my S+. It has the display already, and I'm not ready to try and link up...well only 2 machines basically lol.
I did find a ChamII for about 40$, is that reasonable? and how difficult would it be to switch it out?

Is the LED5 connected to your machine ?? - other than the 2 wire that gets fed to it from the CON1 controller the only other cable is the ribbon to the meter ?
The meter is different between the ChamII and the LED5. Different electronics, ribbon cable sizes etc are different. In a good number of cases the meter is expoxied to the glass so you will need to remove one and put on the other. The physical size of the meter is also slightly different.
So if your picking up a ChamII+ for $45 make sure it comes with the meter and that it is the plus model. If it is not the plus then it cannot work standalone and is  is simply a display driver for the CON2. Lots of the NON PLUS models of the ChamII around for cheap as only a select number of people can use them.
With respect to connecting things up.....
On the fixed motherboard (the one that the removeable MPU plugs into) there is a 4 wire connection. The 4 pins are N/A, Data Return, Coin in, Gnd (I may have the order wrong). Only 3 are ever used. You will need to build a connector and run this up to the controller.
If you use a ChamII+ all 3 pins are used. Basically Coin In and Gnd Short each time a coin is entered. When a jackpot is hit the data return takes the winning jackpot amount and feeds it back to the slot so it can be displayed on the WINNER PAID.
IF you use a CON1 it only uses Coin in and Gnd. You can add a gateway device if you want to feed back to the data return line.
Here is the wiring for the CON1:
SLOT ===Gnd+Coin in === Con1 ==2 wire===LED5===Ribbon Cable === Meter
In a linked configuration you simply have multiple slots connected to the Con1.... and multiple Link display devices if desired.
The ChamII+ wiring
SLOT ==== Gnd+Coin in+ Data Return ==== Ribbon Cable ====Meter


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