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I have successfully completed the field diagnostics as outlined in jcm handbook.

all dip switches down, right?

IGT PE and PE Plus Poker Games / Re: IGT BONUS POKER
« Last post by knagl on Today at 01:33:48 AM »
The optics should show all 1s, as they do in the pictures provided, unless they are blocked by a coin (or popsicle stick).  Until you test your optics, there is no reason to believe that you need a new set of optics.

Likely you just need to ensure a sample coin is inserted in the comparator, adjust the sensitivity down so it is less likely to reject coins, and you'll likely be in business.
I have a BB1U, it came with a WBA-12-SS.   On power up it cycles, reseating cash box, it cycles, I cleared all the BV errors except for BVComm Error, I can't clear this one.
I have confirmed correct jumper settings on the bulkhead (positions 2/3 on JP1 and JP2), game is set for JCM, but it will not accept anything.

Any clues?

Other Video Games / Re: takasago video poker help
« Last post by rokgpsman on Yesterday at 10:22:28 PM »
What kind of sounds does the machine make, are they simple or more elaborate, like when you get a good hand?

Longshot, but maybe worth a try- there is a guy named Robert Sult, he is a slot machine and bench repair tech at Treasure Island in LV. He's been in the slot repair business for many years. For about 7 years he was a distributor and repair person for Takasago slot machines and video poker machines. If you can get a hold of him he might be able to get you a manual and parts, or be able to help in some way.

Below is his personal website, he's into a lot of different stuff, his email address is at the bottom of his webpage, maybe you can contact him that way:

Other Video Games / Re: takasago video poker help
« Last post by rokgpsman on Yesterday at 10:04:26 PM »
Is there a name molded into that white plastic part of the switch? Not likely the Takasago company made the switch itself, they probably bought it from a company that makes switches. If there is a name on it you might be able to locate another one on the internet somewhere. Or look on ebay, you'd be surprised at the oddball and obscure items you can find on there.

Another idea, you could probably find a pushbutton with switch that would fit the hole in the player button panel where that bad pushbutton goes. They make pushbutton switches that are round, square and rectangular. The wires underneath could be connected to the new pushbutton, usually 2 wires go to the switch contacts and 2 other wires go to the light bulb inside the pushbutton.  It wouldn't match the other pushbuttons, but if it was off to the side then it may not be a problem.

Where did you get this Takasago machine? Do they have others, maybe non-working ones that you could get parts from? On something like this it might even be a good idea to buy a broken machine to use as a parts machine.
Bally Electromechanical / Re: Bally model 1117 Monte Carlo
« Last post by coincard on Yesterday at 09:18:11 PM »

Stopped it on several different payouts and it did not pay...

Q+A: marks four years of online poker

One of only two remaining online poker providers in Nevada, is celebrating its fourth anniversary today. The company began operating on Sept. 19, 2013, several months after the Nevada Legislature passed Assembly Bill 114 and  Gov. Sandoval signed it into law ...

Source: Q+A: marks four years of online poker

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IGT I-Game and Game King / Wells Gardner wgc1799-xdss56k Manual
« Last post by Yoeddy1 on Yesterday at 08:39:30 PM »
Hi guys,

I’m looking for a Setup/User Guide/Service Manual for a:

wells gardner wgc1799-xdss56k[/font]

Bettorslots extended a great buy on these to NLG a few years ago and I’ve misplaced mine somehow. 

If somebody has a manual for this, I would appreciate it.

Other Video Games / Re: takasago video poker help
« Last post by rapidroy on Yesterday at 08:21:50 PM »
you called it on the rake it was stuck now 5cents fall through. pics of the buttons
green is bad
yellow is good
Other Video Games / Re: takasago video poker help
« Last post by rokgpsman on Yesterday at 08:14:25 PM »
yeah, those are special buttons. Looks like each one has a little circuit board with resistors and maybe other parts.
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